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[Solved] 8 Ways to resolve AOL Email Not working on iPhone

AOL mail not working on iphone

A Comprehensive Guide on 8 different ways to resolve AOL email not working on iPhone

After the evolution of the smartphone, our whole world revolves around the phone. It won’t be wrong to say that the phone is our virtual organ. From attending calls to browsing emails on phone, mobile phone undoubtedly has become an essential part of the productivity of our work. Certainly, nothing could annoy more than finding out that AOL Mail on iPhone not working. Keep exploring the post and find out 8 quick fix to resolve AOL not working on iPhone.

At AOL Customer Care, we have come across many AOL user who has faced different problems when using AOL on iPhone. Are you facing one of the problems from the list given below?

if you are facing any one of the above problem or similar problem try these 8 ways to resolve AOL not working on iPhone. However if you’d rather not take the time to mess with these issues and want an expert to look into it, we will be happy to serve you. Call our AOL Customer Service number +1-888-373-1444 to speak to our expert.

8 ways to resolve AOL mail on iPhone not working

Solution 1: Turn ON Airplane mode on iphone

 AOL email not working on iphone

AOL email not working on iphone

Go to settings on the home screen. Slide the bar beside airplane mode to green . Airplane mode is ON. Wait for few second and then movev the bar to left side to turn it OFF.

Solution 2: Reset your network settings

If toggling airplane mode doesn’t resolve the issue, then reset the network setting on your phone

Aol mail not working oniphone

On your iPhone, navigate to general. Scroll down to General Tab> Reset > Reset Network Setting. Restart your phone

Solution 3: Re-add AOL Account on iPhone

Re-adding the account will refresh your account and you will be able to receive the emails again.

Steps To Remove the AOL account on iPhone

Go to Settings>Password and Account. You will the list of accounts added on your phone. Scroll down until you find AOL account. Select the account and look for delete account and click on it.

Your account is deleted now.

Steps To add AOL Account on iPhone

Go to Settings>Password and Account. You will see Add Account at the bottom of the page. From the open list, select AOL, Sign in using AOL Credential.

Solution 4: Try Different Wifi network

To rule on the network issue, connect your phone to a different network, if AOL mail work, it is safe to say that the network is causing the problem. Most probably, the network is blocking AOL mail

In such a case, you have to check the block list and firewall settings on wifi.

If you don’t find anything suspicious, then you need to reboot the router and modem. it will start working fine then.

Solution5: Setup 2 step verification of AOL mail on iphone

If you get error like incorrect username or password on iphone but able to login on app or on browser then most probably 2 step verification is enabled and it is causing AOL email not working on iphone

Disable 2 step verification and check if AOL mail is working,

To disable 2 step verification on AOL  mail

  • Login into your account from browser or app
  • Next to “2-Step Verification”, click Edit in the right-hand column.
  • Click Turn Off on the right side of the window.
  • Click Turn Off again to confirm

Check if AOL email is working on iphone. If yes, then enable 2 step verification ( recommended) and add further few more steps :

  • Navigate to Account security page of the AOL mail on your device
  • Click on the Manage
  • Make sure that your 2-step verification process is turned on.
  • Select the “Connect Apps” >  Selectthe iOS Mail application > select your iOS device
  • Select the option “Generate App Password” to get the unique password.
  • Copy the password and go to the Aol mail account page in the iPhone Settings
  • Paste the copied password to the password box as your Aol password on iPhone.

Then, After clicking on “Save” to confirm password change, you will soon be able to use your AOL mail as normal on your iPhone.

Solution 6: Clean your browser

Sometimes when the browser is full of junk, it leads to the problems. clean your browser and try using AOL on iPhone again

Solution 7: Check  Date and Time

There are times when we don’t realize that our iPhone date and time setting have changed and it is displaying incorrect date and time. Incorrect date and time can also cause AOL not working on iPhone. Change the date and time and try again.

Solution 8: Check with the developer

If you have tried all the workaround and still unable to use AOL on iPhone it could be due to a glitch in ios version and you should contact the developer.

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