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Common AOL Desktop Gold problems with solution

AOL dEsktop gold not working. Common AOL Desktop Gold problem

AOL Desktop Gold is an amazing all in one desktop to access the internet, email, browsing, chatting. However like every other product, sometimes due to minor technical glitches, AOL desktop Gold shows errors. Hence at AOL Customer Service and Support, we decide to write down the common AOL Desktop Gold Problems with their solution. Keep exploring this post till the end so that the next time when you experience any AOL Gold problems, you can address the issue on your own.

However, if you wish to resolve these common AOL desktop Gold problems from a technical expert. We are happy to help you. Contact AOL Customer Service and Support on 1-888-373-1444 to speak to an AOL expert.

Common AOL Desktop Gold problems with their possible solution

Problem 1: AOL Desktop Gold not Responding

Due to a technical issue, sometimes AOL Desktop gets slows down or does not respond or get hanged. There are few troubleshooting steps to resolve AOL Desktop Gold not responding problem:

Solution 1: Open the task manager by pressing control+shift+escape together. Navigate to the process tab and look for AOL services. Select it and click on end task. Relaunch AOL Desktop Gold again.

Solution 2: Delete the junk file from your system.

Solution 3: Delete the file in the temporary folder. To delete the files in the temporary folder.

Solution 4: Restart your system.

Close all the running programs. Go to Search, type %temp. Press enter. A new folder will open, now select all the files using keys cntrl+A. Press the button delete. All the temporary files will be deleted.

Solution 4: If none of the above works then reinstall AOL Desktop Gold.

Problem 2: AOL Desktop Gold Icon Missing

Missing AOL Desktop Gold icon is another common AOL Desktop Gold problems that AOL users experiences. The reason could be anything from a failed update of AOL desktop gold to disruption due to antivirus. Try the following workarounds to fix missing AOL Desktop Gold icon:

Solution1: Open AOL Gold Software> Navigate to AOL Desktop Gold Icon present in the dock> Click the option “Keep in the Dock”

Solution 2: Click on the Expand icon>Right click on AOL Desktop Gold icon> Select “create desktop shortcut”

Solution 3:

aol desktop icon missing

Right-click on the system Home Screeen>Navigate to view> Click on “Show desktop gold icon”

Solution 4: Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold icon.

If the above solution does not resolve the issue, then you need to resolve missing AOL Desktop Gold icon using the permanent workaround.

Problem 3: AOL Desktop Gold is too slow to operate

The solution is very similar to AOL Desktop Gold not responding. Most of the time the culprit is the system on which the AOL Gold is installed.

Solution 1: Delete the junk and temporary files

Solution 2: Make sure that the PC meets the AOL Desktop Gold specifications.

Solution 3: Free the RAM space

Solution 4: Make sure that an antivirus is running on your computer and your computer is not affected by any virus.

Problem 4: AOL Sign-in error

If you see an error while logging into AOL then it is AOL Sign in Error. There are different types of errors that you may see like blerk, GAH or Zoid Errors or you may see a blank screen after logging into AOL.

Solution1: Enable Javascript and Cookies on your browser

Solution2 Always use friendly URL when accessing AOL like “aol.com”, “webmail.aol.com”, “registation.aol.com”

Solution 3: Change the browser settings and firewall setting. For the detailed explanation and steps, check the post on How to Resolve AOL Sign in Error.

Problem 5: Unable to reset AOL password

At AOL Customer Service and Support, we have seen users coming up with different problems related to password recovery like AOL Password reset not working, forgot AOL username, error after changing the AOL Password or no password recovery options available hence unable to reset AOL password.

Solution 1: If you do not have a password recovery option, you can select the option to answer the security question.

Solution 2: You can recover the password by entering the last 4 digits of the credit card. You can check the detailed explanation on How to reset AOL Password without an alternate email address.

Problem 6: Error while downloading AOL Desktop Gold

You may see AOL Error 104 while downloading AOL Desktop Gold. Sometimes there are other problems that user may experience while downloading AOL Desktop Golds like Downloading process freezes or downloading speed is too low. Resolve this common AOL Desktop Gold problem with the solution given below:

Solution 1: Check the internet connection. You need a fairly good internet speed for smooth downloading of AOL Desktop Gold.

Solution 2: Make Sure that the computer where you are downloading AOL desktop gold meets the specification specified by AOL.

Solution 3: Scan your PC to rule out any virus or malware corrupted files on your system.

Solution 4: Make sure that you have sufficient RAM space on PC.

Solution 5: Ensure that all the drivers are updated.

If you want an AOL expert to look into your system and guide you in downloading and installation of AOL desktop gold, Contact AOL Customer Service and support on 1-888-373-1444.

Problem 7: AOL Desktop Gold installation failed

Solution 1: Make sure that you download AOL desktop Gold from AOL.com

Solution 2: Check if your system meets the AOL specifications.

Solution 3: Temporarily disable antivirus and firewall. Restart the system. Right-click on the download file of AOL gold choose other users rather than administrator to Install AOL Desktop gold

Problem 8: Unable To Compose or Send AOL Emails

AOL email sign in error

Solution 1: Clear the cookies. If you are using Chrome, click on three dots on the right side> go to setting >Advanced> Clear browsing data.

Solution 2: Try to disable the software that blocks popups.

Solution3: Use a different browser

Solution 4: Restart your system

Problem 8: AOL Desktop Gold Upgrade failed

AOL Desktop gold comes up with an auto-upgrade feature. It automatically upgrades AOL Gold and saves space on your system disk by removing the old file. However, sometimes auto upgrade fails and it could lead to other common AOLDesktop Gold problems.

Solution1: Click on start and type update in the search. Click on window update>Change settings>important update> Select “Automatic update”> Click on “give me the recommended update the same way I receive important update”>Click Save.

Solution 2: Uninstall the AOL Desktop gold and reinstall AOL Desktop Gold again.

If you are facing any other issue and require troubleshooting of AOL Desktop Gold, Contact AOL Customer Service number 1-888-373-1444.

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