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AOL Password Reset Not Working

How to delete and close AOL Account

A Comprehensive Guide On The Various Ways To AOL Password Reset

You haven’t used your AOL Mail for a while and one day when you try to access your AOL Email, you do not remember the password. How many times had this happened with you? We must have been through this situation plenty of times. AOL password is a key for every AOL services. You can not use any AOL services unless you have a password. Moreover, it is always recommended to change your password after some days. AOL Customer Service technical experts suggest changing AOL password whenever the AOL Account is hacked. The good news is you do not need to be a technical expert to AOL Password reset. You can easily reset AOL Password within a couple of minutes. Keep reading further to find a comprehensive guide for AOL mail password reset. Should you still need assistance in AOL Mail password reset, Call our AOL Customer Service Number +1-888-373-1444 for 24X7 assistance.

A Step By Step Instruction To AOL Password Reset

  1. Click on AOL Mail Login Page
  2. In the login window, enter Username and click on sign in
  3. Click on forgot the Password.
  4. Type your username and click on Next.
  5. You have the option to reset AOL password using Phone number or Alternate email address.

AOL Password Reset using Phone Number

  • Type the phone number registered with your account.
  • The number would be the same number that you used while creating the account. You will be asked to verify with a verification code that will be sent on your number through message or call.
  • Enter the verification code and click on verify. Once verified, you can enter a new password.

Reset AOL Password using Alternate Email Address

  • Click on Try another verification option.
  • Choose Email a reset link to my recovery email address.
  • Click Close. A verification code will be sent on your alternate email address.
  • Open your alternative email account and find the email from AOL regarding the password reset mail.
  • Click on the Reset Password button on the link in the email.
  • On a new tab, enter the new password.
  • Click Save.

Ensure that your new password is unique. Your password should meet the following parameter:

  • Number of characters: 8 to 16
  • Both upper and lower case letters should be included.
  • The digits must be placed.
  • Use of at least one special character such as !@#$

Over the span of 2 years, AOL Customer Care has dealt with more than 3500 AOL Mail and AOL Desktop Gold Customers. We know what you might be looking for? Here are some further question asked in AOL Mail Password reset.

I can log in into my AOL Mail with my current password, however, how can I change my current AOL Password?

Changing your AOL password frequently is always recommended. You can easily change the AOL password by following the given steps:

I want to delete AOL Account however, I forgot my AOL Username. How can I recover AOL Username?

Use the sign in helper to recover your AOL Username.

Recover AOL password using  AOL customer Service

 You can enter your mobile number or alternate email address to recover the AOL Username

I do not have any account recovery options. How to reset AOL Password without an alternate Email address?

Most of the current internet browser has Autofill feature. Remember when you login into a new website, a pop up pops up asking if you want to save login details, this feature is called an Autofill feature. If you have logged in recently, there is a chance that your password is saved in the browser.

Type the username and browser will enter the password automatically. Another alternative is to check your browser (for Chrome and for Firefox) where the password is stored and the way to retrieve the password.

AOL Customer Care has served more than 3500 clients. Technical experts are highly experienced and certified. Should you need any assistance with AOL Mail or AOL Desktop Gold, Contact AOL Customer Service on +1-888-373-1444

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