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How To Fix Error in AOL Gold Upgrade

How To Upgrade To AOL Desktop Gold And Fix Any Error In AOL Gold Upgrade

A One-Stop guide on how to upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold. Find out every detail before planning to upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold, Additionally, find the fix for all the possible error that you may encounter while upgrading to AOL Gold. In case if you want an AOL expert to help you to upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold, contact AOL Customer Service number 1-888-373-1444.


AOL Upgrade failed

It’s been a while since AOL Desktop Gold is launched. The user interface is similar to old AOL Desktop and that has made AOL Desktop Gold a popular choice among the AOL users. Most of the users have migrated from AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold. At AOL Customer Service, we often get queries regarding how to upgrade from AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold. So we decided to bring this post for all those users who haven’t upgraded to AOL Gold.

Keep exploring this post to find everything that you want to know before you plan the upgrade. If you are in the middle of an upgrade and experiencing the problem in upgrading to AOL Gold, you are at the right place. At the end of this post, we have listed various Error in AOL Gold Upgrade with their solution.

Difference between AOL Desktop And AOL Gold

To begin with, Let’s find out what is the additional features AOL Desktop Gold offer and how it is different from AOL Desktop.

With growing users requirement and demands, In 2017 AOL decided to add streamlined function to AOL Desktop. They came up with added features like auto-update and enhanced security features.

ParametersAOL Desktop GoldAOL Desktop older version


LooksThe User Interface and layout of AOL Gold is similar to AOL DesktopAOL Desktop had Instant Messenger which is not available in AOL Desktop.


SecurityAOL Gold comes up with advanced security features like 2 step verification. Your account is more secured with AOL GoldThe older version of AOL Desktop lack security features and hence were more susceptible to account hacking or phishing.


Cost$4.99Free to use. However, sooner or later free access of emails through AOL Desktop might be closed

Step By Step Guide on How to Upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold  | 1-888-373-1444

Before you plan to upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold, Make sure that the computer where you are planning to meet the following specifications:

Browser: Internet Explorer  7+

Processor: 266GHz

RAM: 1GB, minimum of 512 MB free space on the hard drive

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher screen resolution recommended

Internet Connection: Required


How To Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold For Trial

If you want to try the AOL Desktop Gold features before taking a paid membership then follow the steps below

  • Login into AOL account and navigate to “Manage My Subscription” section.
  • Search for “Upgrade now”  button and click on the button.
  • The process to upgrade to AOL Desktop Gold Advantage Plan membership will begin and your trial membership will turn into a paid membership.
  • Login into AOL desktop Gold, enter your username and password of the AOL account and you are good to go.

How To Upgrade AOL Desktop Gold from AOL Desktop

  • Login into AOL Desktop client that you are using to access emails.
  • Once you are an AOL Advantage Plan member, go to the product section
  • Search for AOL Desktop Gold under all the listed products.
  • Click on AOL Desktop Gold download. The process of Download AOL Desktop Gold will start.
  • Double click on downloaded AOL Desktop Gold file
  • You will be asked to import your old data from  AOL Desktop to AOL Desktop Gold. All your old emails address books, toolbar, etc will be imported to AOL Gold
  • Once the import process completes, click on “Install now”. It will allow Install AOL Desktop Gold on your system
  • Provide your AOL Desktop account credentials for confirmation of identity and a valid membership
  • Once the upgradation is over, you will see a desktop Gold icon on your desktop.

Should you need an expert to guide you through the process of AOL Desktop Gold upgrade then Call on 1-888-373-1444.

How to Fix AOL Desktop Gold Upgrade Error

Solution 1: As discussed earlier, make sure that the system meets the requirement specified by the AOL.

Solution 2: Check Router configuration

AOL works smoothly with the router that has adjustable MTU settings and should support PPPoE Settings. If you are using a wireless router, then choose N range as it provides good coverage. Set the MTU to 1400. If you are using a router that does not have MTU but has TCP MS settings then set it to 1320.

Solution 3: PPPoE connection on AOL

As mentioned earlier, it is important to use a PPPoE connection with AOL. 

Steps to configure PPPoE connection in AOL

  • Open New connection Wizard. 
  • Click on the radio button 
  • Click on  Set up my connection manually. 
  • Click on “Connect using a broadband connection that requires a  username and password’ option
  • Enter the ISP name and click on next.
  • Enter the username and password. 
  • Once you are done with the above steps. Select the connection that you created and enter the username and password to connect to the broadband.

Solution 4: Restart the system

Call AOL Customer Service Phone Number |  1-888-373-1444 

Contact AOL Customer Service Phone number 1-888-373-1444 for any assistance required for AOL mail, troubleshooting of AOL Desktop Gold. Our experts have more than 5 years of experience in customer support and service. Call us today 



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