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How To Delete all the AOL emails at once and How To Recover Accidentally deleted emails?

Mass delete AOL emails

Step by step Guide on How to delete all AOL emails at once and ways to recover accidentally deleted AOL emails

Many times during the call while troubleshooting various AOL Desktop Gold issues, our technical experts at AOL Customer Service have been asked the number of times on how to mass delete emails or how to recover accidentally deleted AOL Emails. If you have more than 10,000 emails in the inbox, deleting each email manually is very tedious.

However, if you use any third party software like Mozilla Thunderbird or outlook, Deletion of mass email is just a few steps away.

I have used Mozilla Thunderbird software which is opensource software and can be downloaded for free. The best part of the Mozilla Thunderbird software is you can add as many email account as you want and then use it. This way you can access multiple emails on a single window.

Step by Step Procedure To Delete All Emails At Once

Step 1: Download Mozilla Thunderbird on your system Step 2: Install Mozilla Thunderbird on the system and open it. Navigate to Tools.


Step 3: Click on Account settings.


Step4: Search on Account Actions and click on  Add Mail account.


Step 5: A new window will open “set up an Existing Email Account”

Step 6: Enter the details Like your name, email address whose emails you want to delete and password for the same email address.

Step7: After entering the details, click on continue.


Step 8: After verification,  you will be asked to choose any one of the protocols, IMAP or pop3. Choose IMAP.

Step 9: Click on ok


Step 10: On the left side of the panel, you will be able to see the existing email address. Click on inbox

Step 11: You will be able to see all the email on the right side of the window. Let all the emails load first.

Step 12: Select any email and you can select all the emails by pressing Cntl+A.

Step 13: To Deselect any email, press and hold the control key and click on that email.

Step 14: Press delete on the bottom right side. This will delete all the emails from the software as well as from your inbox.

Step 15: Check your inbox. Under the deleted email folder, you will be able to see the emails that are deleted. If accidentally you have deleted an email you can restore that email.

You can watch the procedure to mass delete all the emails in the given below video.

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